India, together with Afghanistan and the Middle East was the home country of dogs referred to as Tzai Kutha or running dogs (hounds). Mastiff type dogs used as guard dogs or fighting dogs and pariah dogs were also common.
Alangu Mastiff: a dog breed native to Southern India and Pakistan, where it is predominantly used as a guard dog and/or fighting dog. Also known as Indian Mastiff.

Bakharwal Dog: a black and tan molosser-type sheep herder and guard dog. Like most molosser dogs of Asian descent this breed is leaner in built than most modern molosser breeds.
Banjara Hound: a general hunting and camp or flock guard dog indigenous to the North of India. It kept by the Banjara people of India and said to have the speed of a greyhound and the stamina of a collie. The Banjara hound's expression should be very alert and roguish, especially when roused. His coat is very thick and dense, soft to the touch, but not silky.

Indian Spitz: a breed similar to the Pomeranian, but still with its own characteristics. Originally, they were farm workers. They are usually white in color, but also come in other solid colors such as brown and black.

Kanni Dog: The Kanni is an ancient and  rare variety of hunting hound found in South India, more precisely, in and around Tirunelveli, Kovilpatti, Kazhugumalai, Kileral, Kodangipatti, SIvakasi and Madurai. They are thought to be a descendent of the Saluki. Etymologically, the breed owes its name (which means maidenl) from the fact that the dog used to be given as a gift to the bridegroom just before the marriage. Kanni dogs come in four colours, brown, cream, black & tan and brindle. They are mainly kept as companion dogs and are not allowed to roam on the streets. They are given a diet of milk in the morning, corn porridge in the afternoon and a "Ragi" porridge in the evening. Meat is given once a week or once a month only.

Pariah Dog: The Pariah dog, also known as Indian Pi dog, is a short-coated dog looking like the Australian Dingo, but with greater variability in its morphology.
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Rampur Greyhound: an indian version of the greyhound, but slightly heavier, more powerful and more ferocious. It has a deep chest, slightly arched back and a long, strong skull with powerful jaws and without any stop. When alert the tail is carried horizontally with the end slightly curled upwards. Colors are black or mouse-grey. According to some authors it could be related to the Taigan dog breed.
Indian Dog Breeds

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